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Trying to create trance in FL

2008-12-12 06:43:39 by corncamper

Ya :P Any tips and so are greatly appreciated. Remember to check out my stuff!


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2008-12-12 09:46:07

Synthesizer. Thats all I got :/


2008-12-12 09:46:55

I use Pro DJ and Reaper, FL is a bit complicated for me to me use, best thing really is have various programs to flick around with :)


2009-03-18 20:24:18

How about using "Sytrus" for a nice trance sound.

And using the VSTs Nexus And Z3ta Would Be Good.

And If you only have a basic program with no VSTs.. try DX10 for some sounds.

I find it interesting :P



2009-09-09 16:38:37

Just use various synths and leads packed into one. Then just try screwing around with diff filters